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“The Full factual true story of UFOs has emerged only on rare occasions. The general public, for its interest in UFOs, has been paid off in misinformation" …  
                                                                           Edward J. Ruppelt - Head of Project Bluebook

In Part 1 of this report we reviewed recent studies and surveys that prove the majority of people
would agree that something is using our airspace. Something beyond our present capacities to build or pilot. Yet still … we as a people refuse to admit that, yes - positively - these are intelligently controlled aircraft.
In part 2 of this report we looked at a very small amount of the evidence pointing towards the existence of what are commonly known as UFOs. A little research will prove to anyone that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of volumes of books, written in almost every language on earth containing details of case after case, presenting indisputable proof that the possibility of UFOs existing as solid intelligently controlled vehicles is highly likely. 
But, As controversial Swiss contactee, Billy Meir said, "Unless you see one yourself, it's hard to believe, but once you've seen one you to believe." I suppose this is true. I, along with a fellow witness, saw one of these strange objects. The one we saw was the classic 'cigar' shaped leviathan or "Mother Ship." The other soldier and I observed it long enough and close enough to agree - and I assure you - that it was a solid object under intelligent control. As I write this I realize that some of you still feel as though you aren't sure these things exist. And no matter how many books you read, or TV shows you see, or eyewitnesses you hear testify, you still have doubts. Why? After all, you didn't have to eat dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer to know he likes meat. Yet, when it comes to UFOs you can't decide. You're not alone. It's all due to conditioning and propaganda.

“Maybe I was just playing the front man to a big cover-up." … Edward J. Ruppelt

Those of us who are aware of, and opposed to, the gradual overthrow of Liberty, Justice, and the American Way know the identity of those who would have their "New World Order." Fortunately for us, by studying their past history, we can follow their pattern of action as regards to solving "problems."
First they send in the military to access the situation, as with Kenneth Arnold while investigating The Murey Island Incident. 
Next comes the professional spooks to spread misinformation and to confuse the issue as much as possible. 
And the final step, as laid out in the government's 1969 official study,Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects
, or as it is more popularly called Operation Condor. The CIA plan as explained in the report is to infiltrate any group which opposes their views, gain control of any information and add a twist to give the appearance of that information supporting their agenda. Time after time, throughout history this plan of action has proven to be successful. In the case of UFOs, using hindsight as our guide, the process is easy to document and follow.
Military Maneuvers
On September 23rd 1947, a day short of three months after Kenneth Arnold's "Flying Saucer" sightings, the commanding General of the Army Air Force received a letter from the Chief of the Air Technical Intelligence Center in answer to a verbal request for a preliminary study of the ""flying saucer" reports. The ATIC concluded, "The reported phenomena were real."  The letter went on to strongly urge that a study be established at ATIC to investigate any future reports. This study became known as Project Sign and was given a 2A priority, just one step below the highest priority given any Air Force project.
As Edward J. Ruppelt , former Intelligence Officer, head of the Air Force's Project Bluebook and Ufology's first whistle blower, reported in one of the most important studies of UFOs ever presented The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects
The question "Do UFOs exist?" was never mentioned. The only problem that confused the people at ATIC was, "Were the UFOs of Russian or interplanetary origin?" Either case called for a serious, secrecy shrouded project. Only top people at ATIC were assigned to Project Sign.
(Page 26).
As we can see the existence of strange objects invading America's air space was accepted by military intelligence from the start. At first the largest consensus was that they were Russian and they looked at the German World War II aeronautical research that had fallen into the Russians hands. However, after the German designers of the German experimental aircraft were questioned they decided against this because there was - No conceivable way any aircraft could perform that would match the reported maneuvers of the UFOs. (Page 26).
Next Mr. Ruppelt tells us:
Still convinced that the UFOs were real objects, the people at ATIC began to change their way of thinking. Those who were convinced that UFOs were of Soviet origin now began to eye outer space, not because there was any evidence that the UFOs did come from outer space but because they were convinced that UFOs existed and some unknown race with a highly developed state of technology could build such vehicles,
(Page 42).
This above statement is where the belief that UFOs are extraterrestrial and "from outer space" came from. That believe is based on no known evidence - only government propaganda. Actually if you read the above statement for facts you find that the real fact in that statement was that UFOs existed and [only] some unknown race with a highly developed state of technology could build such vehicles,
their origin is only conjecture. 
All of this was happening at a time when Air Force officials were telling the public that "flying saucers don't exist." Secretly it seemed that they were reviewing the evidence with an open mind; But not for long. By the end of 1948 the skeptics began to control the situation. Ruppelt wrote:
This period of "mind control" bothered me. Here were people deciding that there was nothing to this UFO business … From what I could see, if there was any mind changing to be done it should have been the other way, skeptics should have been changed to believers. (The Report . . .Page 81).
In August of 1948 the staff of Project Sign presented Chief of Staff General Hoyt S. Vanderberg with a “Top Secret” report, called an "Estimate of Situation
." Ruppelt says, "The team of military men and scientists now had no doubt that UFOs were real objects." General Vanderberg refused to accept the conclusions.
Cover Up & Propaganda
Project Grudge
took over from Project Sign on February 11, 1949.

Ruppelt tells us:
Everything was being evaluated in the premise that UFOs couldn't exist. No matter what you see or hear, don't believe it … With the new name and the new personnel came the new objective, get rid of UFOs. … This unwritten objective was reflected in every memo, report and directive. (Pages 83-84).
In comes the second UFO government whistle blower J. Allen Hynek, the respected astronomer and an ardent and vocal skeptic of “Flying Saucers” at that time, was appointed the Chief Scientific Consultant to Project Grudge. Dr. Hynek was to later switch sides completely, not only changing his mind about the existence of UFOs, but also started the Center for UFO Studies. 
Dr. Hynek explained that "the orders given to the personnel of the project [Grudge] were to "explain everything, even if a solution had to be forced onto a case."
Not surprisingly, the most important finding of Project Grudge was, and continues to be, ignored by everyone. Ruppelt tells us:
Dr J.E. Lipp of the Rand Corporation analyzed the presumed characteristics of an extraterrestrial spaceship he concluded that the actions attributed to the "flying objects" seem inconsistent with the requirements of space travel."
Now that military intelligence had reported to their elitist bosses that UFOs were real, were controlled by a highly developed, yet unknown intelligence and were not designed for space travel, the “Keepers of the Secrets” knew the truth. The next step was to keep the information from the general public "for our own good."
The Cover-up
A secondary goal of Grudge was to start an intensive campaign of debunking any information that reached the general public. The policy towards reporters and researchers who came to the Air Force for information depended upon their personal beliefs. If they believed that UFOs were a big joke and it was believed that they would help with the ridicule of the whole idea then you would be given information. Unfortunately for the debunkers, most inquires came from truth-seeking reporters and writers. As Ruppelt reported:
As a public relations officer later told me, "We had a devil of a time. All of the writers who were after flying saucer stories had made their own investigations of sightings and we couldn't convince them they were wrong." (The Report … Page 85).
The debunkers finally found their man; Sidney Shallet of the Saturday Evening Post. Ruppelt tells the story:
He seemed to have the prerequisites that were desired, so his visit to ATIC was cleared through the Pentagon. Harry Haberer, a crack Air Force public relations man was assigned the job of seeing that Shallet got the story. (The Report … Page 85).  Shallet's article appeared in two parts in the April 30th and May 7th 1949 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. It was hyped that since it contained facts furnished by the Air Force, "This was the Air Force report on UFOs," a subject they had always been close-mouth on before. The story was eagerly anticipated and widely read.
As Ruppelt explained,
It was typical negative approach. I know that the negative approach is typical of the way material is handed out by the Air Force because I was continually being told to "tell them about the sightings reports we've solved -- don't mention the unknowns. (The Report ... Page 86).
Shallet's article set the stage for the method of handling UFO related material used by the controlled establishment media until the present time. Ruppelt reported:
Shallet's article "started out psychologically conditioning the reader by using such phrases as "the great flying saucer scare," "rich full-blown screwiness," "fearsome freaks," and so forth. By the time the reader gets to the meat of the article he feels like a rich, full blown jerk for even thinking about UFOs. (The Report - Page 86).
[Shallet] Pointed out how the “furor' about UFO reports got so great the Air Force was "forced" to investigate. He didn't mention that two months after the first UFO report ATIC had asked for Project Sign to be shut down because the members believed UFOs existed. Nor did he mention the once “Top Secret” Estimate of the Situation that had also concluded that UFOs were real. (The Report … Pages 85-86).
This type of disinformational tactic worked for the majority of the people, who in turn took on the same attitude of ridicule. However there are those among us who look for our own truth. And those of us who know - we've seen them. These types of people were starting to form study groups. The “Controllers” knew that these groups could not be allowed to look for the origin of these airships. They would need to be "handled."  Fortunately for the controllers , the mechanism for spreading propaganda was already in place. During World War II, the American people had enthusiastically supported the "war effort," totally ignoring the killing and mauling of over a million Americans. A big reason for this was the excellent job performed by the intelligence community in conjunction with the Hollywood movie industry. With the top box office stars of the time, James Cagney, John Wayne, former President Ronald Regan, and others fighting the “Nazi Menace” and the “Yellow Peril” on the silver screen at the local theatre every week, a true patriot would be crazy not to support these heroes until the bitter end. This was the perfect media to use in influencing the thinking of UFO truth-seekers.
As Jenny Randles & Peter Warrington reported in their 1985 book Science and the UFOs
The next significant steps came in the early 1950s. Science Fiction films began to incorporate UFO imagery and in some cases (e.g. Earth VS the Flying Saucer 1955) were even built around UFO books originally written as?”fact” but were dramatized as “fiction"
(Page 4).
The producers of these "Science Fiction" films used the best special effects processes available at the time to create realistic looking "Flying Saucers" and if the acting seemed camp, even back then, it was suppose to. Most of these films were shot in black and white with narration in the background. To an audience who had recently experienced "The War" in the black and white and style of MovieTone News, this gave subliminal credence to the appearance of realism.  There was but one message that these propaganda vehicles were designed to deliver to those who wouldn't accept the government's denial, and believed these craft actually existed. This message was delivered during the final scene in every single one of them.
Our hero and his female counterpart are shown on the beach/in the desert/on a mountain, looking up into the star filled/clear blue sky. She asks, "Will they ever return?" Then as the sun sets/rises he puts his arm around her and, very seriously says, "Only when we're ready" or some such. But we the subjects of the propaganda will have received their subliminal message. If UFOs do exist, then they are extraterrestrial. Even though no evidence has ever been found to support this theory, and if fact the government's own report stated,
" the actions attributed to the "flying objects seem inconsistent with the requirements for space travel." 
The Keepers of the Secrets had to convince the believers in UFOs that they were interplanetary because they do not want us looking at other possibilities of origin. As present attitudes reflect they've done a damn good job.
Randles & Warrington in the already mentioned Science and the UFOs explained a second propaganda benefiting the Keepers got from the production of these films
From the outset these films have had one very serious effect: the dividing line between fact and fiction has been blurred.
This may have had more damaging impact on serious UFO investigation than any other single factor.
The negative magazine articles - the tongue-in-cheek news reports of little-green-men-from-mars - the clouding of fact and fiction in movies and television, all worked towards creating an atmosphere that continues to keep the lid on the one of the closest guarded secret in the world - the real origin of most of these flying machines. 
Next Report : Part 4: Pieces of Metal  
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