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Just the facts ---Nothing but the facts
As I stated at the beginning of this series of reports, I believe
that there is enough solid evidence to convince any “open minded' juror of the existence of UFOs. But as our research has shown, it would probably be impossible to find 12 individuals whose minds wouldn't be influenced by the massive government debunking efforts of the last 50 odd years and the steady diet of propaganda fed to us daily through the elitist controlled “news media.” (Newspapers, magazines, tabloids, TV, radio, etc). The “entertainment industry” (i.e. movies, TV etc) and top advertising agencies, (all of the above).

By returning once again to the early days of UFO research, prior to the CIA-FBI-MIB thug's involvement and by re-examining the expert testimony of the actual people involved we get a different picture than that which we have been led to believe. Couple that with back-up documentation that has turned up over the years, and we find we actually know a lot more than we realized. We certainly know more than our adversaries would like.

Let's reexamine the facts.

Fact 1. As early as September 23rd 1947, just 3 months after the Arnold sighting, the Air Technical Intelligence Center had already concluded, “The reported phenomena were real.” [At the same time, the Air Force's official stand was that people were seeing “Venus or weather balloons.”]

Fact 2. In the early days the CIA hadn't used its influence with the news media yet. [The National news wire services had sent the Arnold story across the country as a serious story. The most famous of all UFO stories, the Roswell Crash was being reported as a serious news release. A few other stories were being reported as news around the country].

Fact 3. Project Sign was a committee of top scientists and military bigwigs who were assigned to study the UFO situation. Project Sign did not address the question, “Do UFOs exist” - They were ordered to concentrate on only one problem: “Were the UFOs of Russian or interplanetary origin.” Their findings: They had “no doubt that UFO's were real objects” and that only some unknown race with a highly developed state of technology could build such vehicles, so therefore they came from outer space. This last, not because of any evidence pointing towards an outer space origin, but because the UFO technology was “out-of-this-world,” an assumption that could just as well be way off base. [The American people were still being told “officially” that UFOs didn't exist].

Fact 4. Project Grudge took over from sign. Their mission was explained years later by respected astronomer and Chief Science Consultant of the project, J. Allen Hynek; “The orders given to the project were to explain everything, even if a solution had to be forced onto a case.” [By now reporters and editors of the “establishment” press had begun ridiculing anyone reporting sightings. Magazines and movie newsreels were featuring little “homemade Saucers” people were building as garage projects that could almost make it off the ground, all delivered as “cute” fillers or with tongue-in-cheek commentary].

Fact 5. Dr. J. E. Lipp of the CIA financed “conservative” think tank, the Rand Corporation, after analyzing the presumed characteristics of an extraterrestrial spaceship reached the conclusion that the actions attributed to the “flying objects” seem inconsistent with the requirements of space travel.

Fact 6. Next came the spooks, - the CIA, FBI and different fractions of the secret government took charge of the situation through the Robertson Panel and most UFO information from this point on is contaminated.

The first step in deceiving the people about the existence of UFOs was to use the controlled entertainment and “news media” industries to ridicule, debunk and discredit anyone who talked about the subject. However this could only be an immediate solution. The “keepers of the secrets' know very well the old saying “you can't fool all the people all the time” was true. They realized that as time went on more and more people would begin to discover the truth … UFOs exist. The pressing question would eventually become “Where exactly do they come from.” The old “outer space” answer wouldn't hold up for long if people begin to look closer at the problem..

To help hide this “secret of secrets” from the majority of us the keepers decided to plant trees in front of the forest. From that time on the establishment controlled mainstream newspapers, magazines, books, TV news and “magazine TV shows' have had one ironclad rule when it comes to covering UFO stories. Never mention “UFOs” or “Flying Saucers” without connecting the words “from outer space” or “extraterrestrial” to the story. Check this out for yourself. You'll see it's true. This is really strange when we remember that there is absolutely no proof or any extraterrestrial connection anywhere!

However this has created a mindset.
The skeptics use it beautifully with their smug position that “Extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof.”

Looking for the Forest

The proof of the existence of UFOs is there - we just have to look through the trees to see the forest. UFOs have been seen by a multitude of unimpeachable witness (according to the latest figures an estimated 5 million people have seen UFOs}, good photos exist, people have been injured when they touched them or gotten to close, the sounds have been recorded and on and on. Yet the skeptic still shouts, “show me a piece of metal or something I can touch, then I'll believe.” But that's their hook.
Highly respected paranormal researcher/writer John A. Keel reported in
UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse (1970):
Small groups of believers quickly sprung up. These believers immediately accepted the extraterrestrial hypothesis, and they spent the next 20 years advocating the idea - their criterion for evidence was very strict. Such evidence had to be non-terrestrial. But this was a vicious circle. If a piece of metal fell from a UFO and proved to be ordinary aluminum, it was discarded. Of it proved to be made of a puzzling, unidentifiable alloy, it still proved nothing unless the source could be proven. (Page 170).

The first step in any serious study of UFOs is to drop the assumption that all of these craft are extraterrestrial made from materials “not-of-this-planet.”

With that said, and our minds right, let's return to the metal pieces we learned about in the first part of this series of reports.

I picked the first two reports, the Maury Island Mystery and the Texas Airship Crash, along with one more - the Billy Meier Case - out of dozens of possibilities for several reasons. They had several things in common and the spread of years - 1897 for the Texas case, 1947 the Maury Island, and 1970s and '80s for Billy Meier's story - presents a pattern of similarities over an extended period of time that cannot be denied.

All three have been viciously attacked as phony “hoaxes” by those organizations and those certain media approved “Ufologists” that we have grown to expect to debunk all sightings across the board. However, on closer scrutiny we find that in none of these cases can a solid case of fraud be proven. When pinned down and faced with this truth, the skeptic's weak position is, “the evidence is just too good to be true.”

Another reason I picked these three cases was the fact that pieces of metal had been collected from all three sightings.

The Metal findings

The first pieces of metal we'll examine were collected from the bottom of a well at the site of the 1897 Aurora Texas airship crash. The gentleman who collected the fragments of metal paid a high price. Pictures of his hands look as though he had a bad radiation exposure; red, raw and swollen almost to bursting. The pieces of metal were turned over to the staff of the television show En counters: The Hidden Truth. The results of tests run on the small metal fragments were reported on their Sunday December 8, 1994 show. According to metal analysis the metal was 90% pure aluminum. It is hard for us to refine 90% pure aluminum today and would have been impossible with the technology available to surface dwellers in 1897.

The second pieces of UFO generated metal we'll examine were collected on Maury Island in Washington State in June 21, 1947 after falling out of one of several strange craft reportedly flying over the island. Even though a ridiculous Saturday matinee type “switch job” was tried to fool the investigator by Air Force intelligence, metal samples from this important event were analyzed.

The famous researcher Harold T. Wilkins writing in his book Flying Saucers on the Attack (1954), in regards to the Maury Island materials:
A military intelligence officer called Mr. Arnold and took away from him every piece of metal he had from Maury Island. Mr. Arnold had planned to make an ashtray from the metal. The military man took Mr. Arnold to a smelter's works and pointed out tons of material, that he said, “was exactly like the fragments. It is only smelter's slag that you found at Maury Island,” said the officer smiling. He did not explain how that could be when there is no smelter's works on this very sparsely populated island, nor is it used as a dumping ground. … If what the officer alleged had been true, then smelter's slag must be a most amazing alloy, not to say a shocking waste of valuable metal on the part of any smelter knowing his business. (Page 60).

If Arnold's samples were nothing more than slag from this “slag heap,” why did the ATIC officer insist Arnold turn his samples over to him? After all why couldn't he just gather up his own metal scrap from the “tons of material” he had pointed out to Arnold.

Fortunately for truth seekers, the government didn't get their hands on all of the metal. A cigar-box full was sent to Ray Palmer. In The Coming of the Saucers, (1952), by Ray Palmer and Kenneth Arnold we are treated to a unique situation. The comparison of the breakdown of the slag the “intelligence' officer tried to pass off as the material that fell from the saucer over Maury Island, and the analysis of the real stuff sent to Palmer before the government was able to step in.
Analysis of Original Fragments
[From Maury Island and sent to Ray Palmer].

High Constituents ? Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Titanium.

Middle Constituents - Aluminum, Manganese, Copper, Magnesium, Silicon.

Low Constituents ? Nickel, Led, Strontium, Chromium.

Traces ? Tin, Cadmium.

Palmer and Arnold then pointed out that;
Nothing of an unusual nature exists in this combination except the unusual high quality of calcium and titanium. It is interesting to note that titanium, one of the high constituent metals, is now believed to be the key metal in constructing missiles or ships capable of space travel. Also calcium has an affinity for particles of radium, and the ability to capture them and prevent contamination of surrounding areas. (Pages 106-107).

As for samples from the slag heap pointed out as the original source of the metal - They in no way matched the original fragments. No cobalt or nickel was found and; A mineralogical analysis under the petrographic microscope shows that the sample is a very complex mixture of silicates and oxides, typical of an artificial slag. Final conclusions: The samples sent to Palmer “were not slag nor were they natural rock.” (Page 108).

From this we can arrive at two positive and indisputable conclusions. (1). The samples that Palmer was given did not come from the “slag heap” as Arnold was told, and (2) the material that he was given, just like the metal from the 1897 airship crash, was entirely composed of earthly components.

A fact that adds authenticity to the reported metal dropped from a UFO over Maury Island was reported by John Keel in his already quoted book UFOs: operation Trojan Horse.
The flying saucers have been spewing all kinds of trash all over the landscape. … We can start with the slag dumped from the sky during the Maury Island, Washington “hoax” of 1947. Analysis of this material showed it to be composed of calcium, aluminum, silicon, iron, zinc and other mundane elements. Heaps of this stuff has turned up since in New Hampshire, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and many other places following UFO sightings. It has often been found on hilltops and deep in trackless forests, places where it had to be dumped from the air. And it was found in Sweden in 1946. (Emphasis by Mr. Keel). (Page 174).

Alan Watts in UFO Quest
(1994) reported another well-documented case of a UFO dropping metal.
On December 1954, several UFOs were sighted over Campinas [Brazil] and one, flying low, was seen to drop a silvery liquid material, which fell to the ground as hot molten metal.

Upon being analyzed chief chemist Dr. V. Maffei of Young Laboratories reported:
The sample was 88.91 percent tin and 11.09 percent oxygen. The latter was simply the result of oxidization as the metal cooled and absolutely no other element was found; this was, in fact 100% tin. (Page 47).

Pure tin is not something you can find just lying around, which makes the possibility of this being a hoax almost nil, and once again we find an earthly element in association with the UFOs.

However, bits of metal falling from UFOs are not the only pieces of evidence that have been found. Mr. Watts reported one of the most excited finds of all time in the book quoted above.
One evening in 1958 a “space toy” landed in a field near the tiny hamlet of Silpro in Yorkshire [England]. The copper shell was glowing hot when it landed, but it was not burned up, as it would have been had it fallen for space. The shell was a classic saucer shape, except that its cross section was the shape of a vaidorge, being equally curved on top and bottom surfaces. There was a circular opening at the top and inside was some copper piping and a copper scroll with writing on it.

The British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Association reported that the copper of the shell was of exceptional purity. This immediately put it out of the normal run of coppers that a hoaxer could have obtained. Commercially available coppers have different impurity atoms added to make them tougher, or easier to cut, more suitable for the electronics industry, etc
The copper scroll material was analyzed by the Department of Metallurgy at Manchester University and they came up with a similar degree of purity. However, the scroll was not a single sheet, but constructed of three very thin sheets laminated together.
We became convinced that our “space toy” was no ordinary hoax object when we discovered that the copper sheets of the shell had a most curious structure. The research chemist of our group, George Elliot, was unable to show any signs of crystalline structure or of normal means of fabrication. It was as if the copper were formed as one giant single crystal - something unknown in the world of metallurgy?
However it was the construction of the inverted saucer-shaped top surface that really excited me. It showed beyond doubt that the object was not a hoax. On examination the shell proved to be formed from a sandwich of copper sheets with a materiel looking rather like the adhesive Araldite as the filling. But even that was not simple, for it was found to be a form of polystyrene of such high molecular weight that Elliot was sure no one had managed to produce anything like it commercially and was doubtful if it had ever been fabricated in the laboratory.
(Pages 46-48).
Once again, our test metal consists of earthly elements, yet fabricated using techniques beyond our abilities.

Which brings us to the famous Billy Meier case - First he was “allowed” to take hundreds of excellent photos of the visitors “beamships.” The so-called experts immediately shouted fraud! That the “photos were too good to be real” (even though they could not duplicate the photps themselves. He was next presented with metal as evidence of his contact. He acquired his samples in a very different and unique way. His contact, a female humanoid, gave him five pieces of metal and explained that they represented the five steps used in creating the outside skin of their “Beamships.” The metal pieces were turned over to respected research chemist Marcel Vogel who had worked for IBM for 22 years. Dr. Vogel holds 22 patents and was the inventor of the magnetic coating memory system on floppy discs still used by all of us today.

According to Gary Kinder in his study of the Meier case Light Years (1987):
One microscope area revealed an enormous mélange of almost all of the elements in the periodic table.
nd each element was exceedingly pure. What intrigued Vogel more than the number of elements and their purity was their discreteness: Each pure element was bound to the others, yet somehow retained its own identity.
In one small area in the middle of [one of the samples] blown up five hundred times, he found two parallel groves joined by furrows. But even more surprising to him was that the major element in that small area was the rare-earth metal thulium. Thulium was only purified during World War II as a by-product of atomic energy work, and only in minute quantities. It is exceedingly expensive, far beyond platinum, and rare to come by. Someone would have to have an extensive metallurgical knowledge even to be aware of a compound of this type
. (Page 250).

It might be noted here that Billy Meier is a poor one-armed farmer.
It's beyond doubtful that he could have somehow afforded or even known of this rare, expensive material.

After running many tests on the Meier fragments Dr. Vogal concluded:
I could not put it together myself, as a scientist. With any technology that I know of, we could not achieve this on this planet. I think it is important that those of us who are in the scientific world set down and do some serious study of these things instead of putting it off as people's imaginations. (From the video, :Beamship: The Metal).

After awhile we start to see a pattern of indisputable facts emerging. Metal and objects from UFOs have been found. However, they do not “fit” the scientific and “Ufologists” rules for study. They all consist of earthly elements. Of course, at no time will they bring up the subject of the fabrication of the material in question. Because the earthly element samples presented are beyond out present technology to manufacture people to might get to thinking “maybe, just maybe” UFOs could be of earthly origin!? And the controllers can't have that.

It's also pretty evident that the government flunkies haven't gotten their grubby hands on all of the hard evidence. But, they have found an amazing way to discount the stuff they missed.

Controlling the info

Back in the 80s when I first heard of the Billy Meier case I located everything I could about the case. I read Light Years (1987) by Gary Kinder, the much more informative UFO Contact The Pleiades: The Preliminary Investigation Report (1982) by Wendelle Stevens and Message from the Pleiades: The Contact Noted of Billy Meier (1988). Then I viewed the Beamship trilogy, Beamship: The Meier Chronicles, Beamship: The Movie Footage, and Beamship: The Metal. I was completely blown away! Here were perfectly clear movies, stills, sounds and actual metal fragments believed to have come from the occupants of these strange craft. All being analyzed by the best, most respected experts in their individual fields, using the most modern, sophisticated testing equipment available. Then, each expert in turn stating, they couldn't explain any of the presented evidence using 1980s technology, nor, could they find any tampering with any of the materials analyzed. At the same time (and continuing even up to today) on television “UFO Experts” are still - after 50 years- arguing over little squiggles of light and fuzzy dots in the nighttime sky. What is wrong with this picture? After all, the Billy Meier contacts contain all the proof of the existence of these craft needed. I had to find out why.

My next move was to go online on CompuServe and access the Paranormal area of the Forum. I know that this was an area where people knowledgeable in the UFO field meet. Surely they could enlighten me as to why this case was being ignored. What I found was amazing! Most of the “informed” members of the forum had never even heard of Billy Meier. Those who had told me in no uncertain terms that “Billy Meier was a fake.” The problem was that no one could tell me where to fine the evidence proving this to be true. The stock answer was that it was just “common knowledge.” I did, however trace down the source of this information as coming from MUFON, one of the larger and better-known UFO groups. They had decided that Billy Meier's claims were a hoax. They weren't sure how he had been able to afford and pull off the hundreds of photos, movie film etc., but they were positive it was a hoax. Unfortunately for us and fortunately for the “keepers of the secrets” a lot of people seem to take what MUFON declares as the gospel without checking the facts for themselves.
The arguments over the Meier case has always centered on the photos and movies. Even though the experts say it would have cost a lot more money that Bill Meier could have had to make just one of these photos. I however realize, as do most of you (and I'm sure the “experts” will agree) that photos and movies are easy to fake. So let's disregard the Meier Photos altogether.
But, what about the metal? Just as with the other metal we have studied in this report, (1) They are all of earthly elements; (2) They are all manufactured into a finished product that could not have been created with any known process available today. Lets repeat the findings of Dr. Vogel's analysis of the metal.
What intrigued Vogel more than the number of elements and their purity was their discreteness: Each pure element was bound to the others, yet somehow retained its own identity.
In one small area in the middle of [one of the samples] blown up five hundred times, he found two parallel groves joined by furrows. But even more surprising to him was that the major element in that small area was the rare-earth metal thulium.

And as Dr. Vogal explained in his report.
Thulium was only purified during World War II as a by-product of atomic energy work, and only in minute quantities. It is exceedingly expensive, far beyond platinum, and rare to come by. Someone would have to have an extensive metallurgical knowledge even to be aware of a compound of this type. Let the debunkers address this scientific fact before debunking the Myer Beamship metal.

Without Proof

Shortly after finding out where the “hoax” information had originated I happened to attend a meeting of a local UFO group in Orange Park, Florida. The guest speaker was a UFO investigator, writer and MUFON official, Donald Ware. During his question and answer period I asked him why MUFON had taken this stand in regards to the Billy Meier case. His answer: He didn't know, and he added “I disagree with them in regards to this case and I've personally asked them to change their official position concerning Billy Meier.” Not surprisingly, they haven't.

My next step was to call Wendelle Stephens at his home in Arizona . Mr. Stevens had been one of the investigators of the Billy Meier case, and had written the most detailed book on the subject UFO Contact The Pleiades: The Preliminary Investigation Report (1982). The story he told me was as follows:

When he and the investigation team returned to the United States from Switzerland with the original photos, sound recordings, metal samples and other evidence, the other UFO groups led by MUFON felt the evidence should be turned over to them for analyses. However the investigating team had already decided to turn the samples over to scientists and specialist outside of the “UFO community,” in order to get an unbiased opinion. They also wanted the materials to remain an unbroken chain, passing through as few hands as possible. So they refused to turn the materials over to the other UFO groups until after the experts were through with them.

My further research indicates the immediately - even before any of the expert findings were in - key personnel in the “UFO Community” began a campaign to discredit the Billy Meier story. Without ever looking at the findings of the unimpeachable experts the major so-called “Ufologists” began to shout “No fair.” They felt they should be able to study this stuff first. “At least,” they said, “ let our “experts” examine the materials. Finally, once they saw they were not getting their way they decided that the Meier investigators are hiding something, “It's nothing but a hoax anyway.” This childish attitude has remained until today and, unfortunately has, either by design or by foolishness, squelched what could be one of the most important alien contacts of our era.

Since then I have found the Col. Stevens had a right to fear what might have happened to the evidence had he turned it over to one of these organizations. I have heard many stories of the top “establishment” UFO groups misplacing, ignoring and delaying important information. Donald Ware, at the meeting I mentioned earlier in this report told us of a case of a lady who gave MUFON a photo of an alien on her TV screen which was taken while the TV was unplugged. As Ware reported, “MUFON held this information back from its members for two years!” And that from an officer of MUFON!

Now don't get me wrong. I do not believe that every member of MUFON is dirty. To the contrary, I believe that most of the members and officers, (like Mr., Ware,) of this most important group are honest, sincere, truth seeking people. I also believe that over the years MUFON has supplied us with much useful information. But, I also believe that their ranks could be contaminated with government moles who may have obtained key positions which they quietly use to cover-up, reducible and destroy the creditability with regards to important cases. In fact, I believe it's possible that the whole “UFO Community” is like the KKK in the sixties - more government agents than true members.

It wasn't always this way - the pioneers of Ufology tried to seek the real truth. Many times they paid the price. Until the evidence is studied in an unbiased way and possibilities other than an “extraterrestrial” involvement are given a fair shake the study of “ufology” will be stagnated.

John A. Keel,
UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse (1970)
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Television special aired December 8, 1994.
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Video Set: the Beamship trilogy, Beamship: The Meier Chronicles, Beamship: The Movie Footage, and Beamship: The Metal

UPDATE: Since I wrote this in 1996 there has been a lot of evidence put forth that puts serious suspition concerning Billy Meier's claims.. In fact the whole story could possibly be fake. I still am not totaly positive on the issue and have decided to spend any time on the  controversty be cause of my bias - I have the highest respect for the late Windelle Stevens. However, Because of the information concerning some of Meier's "proof"  I no longer use his metal "findings" as an argumernt.  Besides there has been enouigh metal  to study even without the Meier metal. I still believe, that if those who claim to be experts could get past the fact that all of the different metals tested seem to be  always composed of earthly materials and consentrate on the advanced manufacture used in producing these offerings we might get somewhere.  I still content that most of these advance aircraft are from bases right here on earth. Let me repeat - THE MAKEUP OF ANY METAL FROM ADVANCED CRAFT FOUND WILL BE MADE OF EARTHLY MATERIALS IF THEY ORIGINATED FROM HERE. DUH.  DC


Research Books

BONUS: Kenneth Arnold...First Person Live Report of First Flying Saucer Report