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Is the Earth Hollow? . . .

This intriguing question has attracted the attention of free thinkers, scientists and a wide assortment of crackpots back through the ages.

The most ancient stories of modern mankind can be found written on the clay tablets of Mesopotamia . Two, Gilgamesh" (Table XII) and The Descent of Ishtar to the Underworld, are about adventures among different kinds of creatures inside the earth. (1)

Plato wrote of enormous subterranean tunnels both broad and narrow that made up the earth's interior. Dr. Edmond Halley , of comet fame, believed that all heavenly bodies were hollow and in a speech before the members of the Royal Society of London stated, beneath the crust of the Earth, which is 500 feet thick, is a hollow void.

Then there was Leonhard Euler (1707-1783), noted mathematician and one of the founders of higher mathematics. He stated that, mathematically the Earth has to be hollow. He also believed there was a center sun inside the Earth's interior, which provided daylight to a splendid subterranean civilization. (2)

Next to carry the Hollow Earth banner was Captain John Cleves Symmes Jr. war hero of the War of 1812.
 [Hollow Earth writings of John Symmes].
Once his studies led him to believe in a Hollow Earth, he used his knowledge to convince James McBride , a Miami Ohio millionaire. Mr. McBride used his political connections to Rep. Richard M. Johnson (D) of Kentucky [later vice-president under Van Buren 1837-18411] to petition congress to finance an expedition to claim the lands inside the earth for the U.S. The petition, by a vote of 56-46 was tabled and the minutes of this petition and vote are still archived in the Congressional Record . (3) * Watch the BONUS Video at end of report.

The Hollow Earth was next theorized by William Reed in his 1906 book The Phantom of The Poles . Based on his studies of early Arctic explorations and scientific evidence, he wrote that the Earth is not solid as widely believed, but hollow with openings at both ends. In the summary of his revolutionary theory, Reed states: The Earth is hollow. The Poles, so long sought, are phantoms. There are openings at the northern and southern extremities. In the interior are vast continents, oceans, mountains and rivers. Vegetable and animal life are evident in this New World and it is probably peopled by races unknown to dwellers on the Earth's surface. (4)

Marshall B. Gardner reached the same conclusions after 20 years of researched and published his finding in 'A Journey to the Earths Interior, or, Have the Poles Really Been Discovered in 1913, revised 1920. He was unaware of Reed or his theory at the time. Mr. Gardner puts forth the argument that neither Cook nor Peary reached the true North Pole since, according to the theory a magnetic pole does not exist. Mr. Gardner states: Scientific societies that considered Cook's and Peary's claims concluded that in neither case could it be said authoritatively that the explorer had reached the pole. (5). This controversy still exists today .

Science fiction writers have had a field day with the theory. Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth , Edgar Rice Borrough's ' Tarzan at the Earths Core and scores of other authors have let their talents run wild in the Inner World. Grade-B film makers know a good theme when they find one also.

Then there are those people who claim to have visited the interior of our planet. Olaf Janson's The Smoky God , is one such story that comes to mind.

Another is ETIDORPHA or The End Of The Earth  by John Uri Lloyd published in 1895.

Raymond A. Palmer was one of the first researchers and reporters on the UFO scene during the 50s and 60s. In his ground breaking publications Flying Saucers , Search, and Fate Magazines he speculated that, because UFOs have been seen in earth's sky throughout history. They may very well be from our earth, in fact, evidence seemed to indicate that UFOs could very well come from a subterranean world inside our earth.

Then on the cover of Flying Saucers magazine issue #69 - June 1970 and in issue #92 of Search magazine published in July of 1970, the late Mr. Palmer published a photo that is still a controversy. Excerpts from his editorial in the above mentioned Flying Saucers magazine tell it best:
On the cover this month we reproduce the most remarkable photo ever made. It was taken by the ESSA-7 satellite on November 23, 1968 the North Pole photo lacking clouds in the polar area, therefore reveals the surface of the planet. Although, surrounding the polar area, and north of such areas as the North American continent and Greenland and the Asian continent, we can see the ice-fields 8-foot thick ice we do not see any ice fields in a large circular area directly at the geographic pole. Instead we see THE HOLE! (6)

In 1981 I came into possession of another group of NASA photos showing the full circle of the northern lights from deep in space which, not only substantiates the ESSA-7 photos, but adds weight to another feature of the hollow earth theory, that the northern lights are an earlth manufactured phenomina and not caused by "sun spots."  [ Update: Earth Weaves it's own Invisible Cloak]

At this point any practical person will start to ask themselves, if this is all true why isn't it common and accepted knowledge. As Ray Palmer said in one of his articles, a government that will not tell you what they know about UFOs would certainly keep the origin of then a secret.

Then there are those who say some of us spend entirely too much time looking at the poles. As Eric Norman noted in The Underpeople (1969); certain researchers swear the earth is shaped like a giant doughnut and that holes at the poles provide an entrance into the inner lands. "Not so!" shouts another group. "Entrance to the interior world can be gained only by entering a cave and discovering the subterranean tunnels." (7)

Most of the people who claim to have visited the inner lands arrive there through old mine shafts, caves and subterranean tunnels. Others claim to have traveled through extent volcanoes. There is good solid evidence supporting all of these possible entrances to the inner realms. Evidence also supports the possibility of other hidden entrances to the inner realms in The Bermuda Triangle and other strange areas around the world.

One of these areas of interest is the Pacific Northwestern corner of the United States. It was in this area that the name "Flying Saucers" was first heard. On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, a businessman and commercial pilot from Boise, Idaho, was flying past Mount Rainier, in Mount Rainier National Park, State of Washington, when he observed a strange formation of nine luminous saucer-shaped objects. He related this unusual experience to newsmen and news of the mysterious objects dubbed "flying saucers" was spread nationwide". (8)

UFOs are quite common in the area. In fact in the thousands of miles of seldom traveled land that makes up the extreme Northwestern part of America hid many unexplained mysteries. This is the land of "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch" as the local Native Americans call him. In connection with our research into different possibilities we offer the following interesting story which was reported in the January 1975 issue of Saga magazine by B. Ann Slate . She reports; In April 1974, Psychic Joyce Partise of Southern California held a sealed envelope in her hands. Unknown to her, that envelope contained a photograph of a Sasquatch footprint. Ms Partise said, these things are coming from outer space - it's an outer space war! The first area will be Portland, Oregon. There's a mountain with a hole in it. Someone should investigate this mountain because they're down in there already. You know those hairy things that run around, the ape man? He's not an ape. They're underground; in contact with outer space and their intentions toward mankind is total destruction! ... This gorilla man - there's a civilization of thousands of them their eyes are extremely light sensitive from being underground. These tunnels I'm seeing are part of their habitation. They've dug them. I think it may even go into California. (9)

Just south of the Oregon - California border the snow-capped peak of mysterious Mt. Shasta keeps her secrets. Locally there are whispers of certain merchants quietly doing business, for gold, with strange young looking men with piercing blue eyes wearing unusual clothing and footwear, who mysteriously, upon completing their business fade away into the wilderness. Are these mysterious consumers from the legendary underground city of Telos said to exist under Mt. Shasta? Could they actually be descendants of the lost continent of Lemuria ? Is it possible the strange men seen in the small communities of the area be only on a "munchies run" for their underground friends? Anything is possible in the realm of the underground.

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What Waits Below ?

Anytime I tell someone about the Hollow Earth Theory the inevitable question is 'how can I get there? Hopefully this issue of THEI will help to answer this question. Of course, the first thought when seeking to enter the interior of our planet is to plan a trip through one of the two pole-holes which are alleged to be located at the north and south poles. I disagree with this idea. First, for those who would try to go over the lip into the interior by land the hardships would be unbearable. I lived in Alaska for six years and I found, operating in the cold without proper clothing etc. to be impossible. The amount of equipment and cold weather gear needed to make such a trip would be staggering. And the cold weather equipment would only be needed for the very beginning of your adventure. For this reason, most people who would try to gain entrance to the inner lands feel flying an airplane into one of the polar openings would be the answer. However, I believe that these much-talked-about pole-holes, if they exist, have been hidden from view through the use of advanced technology which would prevent us from detecting the hole. It could be through the use of holograms, mind blocks, a space-time curve, or methods not even imagined by our limited knowledge. Of course, I could be wrong. At any rate, the north and south poles are probably the best protected areas of the world. Another "plane down" is a realistic scenario for any "unauthorized” travel in these controlled areas.

The best route to the interior of our earth is to be invited. Of course there's being invited and there's BEING INVITED! There are many documented cases of people being taken into areas of the interior of our planet; unfortunately, most are taken against their will. One such person was Kaye Kizziar who was abducted from her home and taken to "magnificent caverns beneath Fish Creek" in Arizona's Superstition Mountains . She has recorded her experiences underground in two excellent books, Eyes of the Superstitions (1993) and Beneath the Superstitions (1995).

Another person who was kidnapped and taken by a "UFO" into the inner world was Katharina Wilson. Her experiences are accepted as one of the best documented abduction cases and can be read about in her excellent book The Alien Jigsaw (1993).

In his "must read" book Alien Update (1995), British UFO Researcher Extraordinaire Timothy Good reports on UFO phenomena from around the world. On page 27, "They Took Me to Their Base" he tells of an interview with Carlos Manuel Mencado in Puerto Rico. Mr. Mencado was abducted by the Aliens commonly called the little grays who escorted him aboard a "flying saucer". Then: The craft shot up, and I believed we would go far away, but instead, it seemed to veer to the left and descended toward the Sierra Benmeja. I was afraid we would crash, but a hole appeared in a depression to the side of El Cayul Mountain and the craft went all the way down it through a tunnel and came out in a big place that seemed to be like a long, large cavern.

Those of us who are patient can wait till we're invited (hopefully not abducted). However, I know there are those people out there who can't wait. They are action people! For them, probably the best way to get to the inner earth is through one of the thousands of natural cavern entrances. With a lot of research and cave searching, plus a little luck, you just might find a "backdoor" into the subterranean lands. Probably the best written account of a trip through the subterranean lands into the inner kingdom was reported in the 1895 book " Etidorpha ". Secret Societies, conspiracy, a strange alien guide, suppressed earth sciences; this book has it all - it's hard to believe that this book is a hundred years old! Yet, is it fact or fiction? [The link above is a free e-book copy of Edidorpha].

A few years ago long time inner earth researcher Bruce Walton made some startling discoveries. With his kind permission I am happy to re-print his complete and important research report, "Is William Morgan the Man" here on THEI.

After making the decision to seek out an entrance to the inner realms through one of the many cavern entrances it might be a good idea to go to one of the commercial caves around the country to get an idea what it will be like underground. These "open to the public" caves can be found in almost any state including, believe it or not, right here in Florida . With a little research, and a weekend get-a-way, I'm sure you can locate a major public accessible cavern near you. While many of these well known caves contain connecting passages to the inner lands, unless you "know someone" it's doubtful that you could use them.

However, by studying and understanding the known caves, you just might find the clue you need to find your own entrance. One man who may well have found a entrance to the lands inside the earth was Jack Mitchell   , discoverer of Mitchell's Caverns, now a California State Park. ' Mitchells Caverns is located 18 miles north of the small town of Essex which is 28 miles west of Needles California and 111 miles East of Barstow California on Route 66.

As noted earlier one of the best known areas where entrances to the inner realms are suspected to exist is somewhere in the vicinity of Mt. Shasta in northern California. Long know as the location of the subterranean city of Telos, Mt. Shasta is the best bet for serious searchers. Recently Michael Theroux director of Borderland Sciences and writer Michael P. Elsey conducted an expedition to the famous mountain in search of some answers. Their findings were published in Volume L1, Number 4 of BORDERLANDS which was issued during the fourth quarter of 1995. With Mr. Theroux's permission I was proud to reprint their report on the 1995 Mt. Shasta Expedition in Volume 3 #5 of The Hollow Earth Insider.

The Down Side

Of course if you do decide to venture along a long, lonely, dark path leading to uncharted subterranean kingdoms it will not be a stroll in the park. There are many dangers underground. If one of your party should fall and, say, break a leg, - there are no doctors handy. Many times just moving forward will seem to be impossible. I highly recommend to anyone planning such an adventure to make it a point to read Subterranean Climbers (1951) by Pierre Chevalier . (Subterranean Climbers is available from: Cave Books, 756 Harvard Av., St. Louis MO 63130). Written from the famous mountain climber and speleologist Pierre Chevalier's on site journal. It tells of his groups twelve years spent exploring the Dent de Crolles cave system in France , the deepest in the world.  Not only does this book walk you through many of the problems these brave men met, but it also tells you what equipment you'll need for all kinds of situations. These gentlemen invented many of the caving solutions and special equipment used by professional cavers worldwide.

There is one major problem that you will have right from the start...

Unknown by most people as of November 18, 1988 both the Senate and House of Representatives passed Public Law 100-691 commonly referred to as the " Federal Cave Resources Protection Act of 1988 ". According to a copy of this law supplied by Hollow Earth researcher TAL (The TAL ZONE) the government has decided that caves located on "Federal Lands" are a natural resource and must be protected from you and I, America's citizens. The laws defines a cave as "any naturally occurring void, cavity, recess, or system of interconnecting passages which occurs beneath the surface of the earth or within a cliff or ledge (including any dig, mine, tunnel, aqueduct, or other manmade excavation) and which is large enough to permit an individual to enter, whether or not the entrance is naturally formed or manmade. Such term shall include any natural pit, sinkhole, or other feature which is an extension of the entrance". This translates into - any hole in the ground, natural or manmade. Another interesting provision, under Section 5, "Confidentiality of Information Concerning Nature and Location of Significant Caves " states: "Information concerning the specific location of any significant cave may not be made available to the public under section 552 of title, United States Code" The law states further: "Any person who, without prior authorization from the Secretary knowingly destroys, disturbs, defaces, mars, alters, removes or harms any significant cave or alters the free movement of any animal or plant life into or out of cave(s) located on Federal Land shall be punished". ( More Info: NPS Cave and Karst Program)

The use of the word "disturbs" disturbs me. Is leaving foot prints a disturbance? What about yanking one of those slimy reptilians out of their lair? Does that constitute "altering the free movement of any animal" or do reptiles count?

Which brings us to the most important danger of all; be aware that all creatures which inhabit the inner lands are not neighborly towards humans.

Enter the subterranean realms at your own risk. And please do it cautiously. I also strongly suggest that before making any serious attempts at locating and entering a passageway into the subterranean depths you read John Rhodes' report The Human-Reptilian Connection .

( c) 1992 by Dennis Crenshaw

THEI Historical Marker
In Hamilton Ohio, located in Symmes' Park between 3rd and 4th streets, is a monument  to John Cleves Symmes and his belief in a Hollow Earth. It cannot be denied ... the globe atop the stone monument has holes at both poles.  

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BONUS Video: Johnson's speech before Congress asking for financing to explore "Symmes Hole" into the Interior of the Earth. Entered into the Congressional Record 1/10/1839