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THEI Historical Marker
The remarkable composite photo on the left is the infamous ESSA-7 satellite photo taken on November 23,1968.  It first appeared in Ray Palmer's Flying Saucers magazine issue 69 for June 1970.  As can be seen there is an undeniable hole indicated in the exact center of the earth at the north pole.  For years the government explanation for this was to say nothing.  Then after years of questioning from the hollow earth community the government issued a statement explaining the hole as being caused because "the sun didn't shine this far north during November."  However, then it was noted that if that were the case there should be a gradual reduction in light.  In this illustration thre is a sharp edge between light and dark..  The next "explanation" was that "the view of the cameras did not include this portion of the planet." 

While it must be noted that this "hole" does not look natural it also must be noted that the edges of the lip appear as though the clouds, or ice packs, do seen to indicate the edge of a reclining landscape.  There is also the theory put forth by researcher Norma Cox that the composite photo was released to be used later to ridicule the whole inner world research.  The mystery continues . . .