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 The father of The Hollow Earth Theory Marshall B. Gardner says;

In gravitational pull it is not the geometrical position that counts.  Center, in the geometrical sense of the word, does not apply.  It is the mass that attracts. And if the great mass of the earth is in its thick shell, it is the mass of that shell that will attract, and not a meregeometrical point, which is not in the shell, but 2900 miles away from it, as that is the approximate distance between the center sun, and the inner surface of the earth. As a matter of fact it is the equal distribution of the force of gravity all through the shell that keeps the sun suspended in the spot, which is equidistant with every part of the shell. When we are on the outside of the shell it is the mass of the shell that attracts us to its surface. When we go over to the inside of the same shell the same force will still keep our feetsolidly planted on the inner side.  . . . Marshall B. Gardner, A Journey to the Earth's Interior  [1913 - 1920.]            (Page 33.)

William Reed also published his book, The Phantom of the Poles in 1913.  Nether he nor Gardner knew of the others research, yet both reached the same conclusions. Reed wrote:

If the center of the walls of the earth is the center of gravity, then the greatest attraction would be the poles, where it is to be found  Nanson's [a famous Arctic explorer] description of the dead water, it will be remembered is "We could hardly get on al all, It is a peculiarphenomenon" . . .  "this dead water" it occurs where a surface layer of freshwater rests upon the salt water of the sea, and this fresh water is carried along with the ship, grinding on the heavier sea water beneathas if on a fixed foundation."   (Pages 269-270.)

Reed Explains:
The dead water was at a point where the center of gravity was extremely strong; the salt water, being heavier than the fresh, was drawn to the earth with such force that the fresh water could not penetrate it, and laud as separate and distinct upon it as cream upon a pan of milk. In the absence of any further proof of evidence, this deadwater must have been about halfway around the curve, entering theinterior of the earth and, if so, was in perfect accordance with the laws of the universe that, "the center of gravity is strongest at this point,"  (Page 270.)

Here's the Pole ... There's the Pole ... Where's the Pole?

If the world were solid as we are told then it stands to reason that the magnetic poles would be at the geographical poles. But the world is not solid and science must be fitted to support the "assumed" facts.  If it's true that the earth is hollow with large circular openings at the poles then the real location of the geographical poles are not on land, but in the exact center of the North and South polar openings. And if the mass were the attraction of gravity as Gardner claims then the magnetic pole  would be found to circle around the lips of these openings to the inner lands and would appear "to move" when different explorer dropped over the edge of the opening at different spots..

 Master Minds of Modern Science (1931) by T.C. Bridges and H. Hessell Tiltman contains short biographies of some of the most intelligent people alive during the early 20th Century including a chapter on Sir Edgeworth David, the first scientist explorer to "visit" the South Magnetic Pole.

The article covers Sir Edgewood's findings.
   "The magnetic Poles are not fixed points, but a knowledge of the exact position of this point of magnetic attraction, revised from time to time is necessary to enable sea captains, whose compasses are controlled by its influence within the Southern Hemisphere, to discover their position with greater precision than would otherwise be possible.

"Our earliest knowledge of the point of attraction within the Southern Hemisphere depended on observations made in 1814 by Sir James Clarke Ross, the famous Antarctic explorer after whom the Ross Sea is named. Between that date and 1902, when Captain Scott maderenewed observations at a distance while on his first expedition, the South Magnetic Pole had moved two hundred miles eastward.

"Though scientists have discovered how to measure the position of any part of the Southern Hemisphere in relation to the center of magnetic attraction, very little is known about the Magnetic Poles or the forceswhich govern them. To quote one authority:

"The Magnetic Poles are not fixed spots, but are constantly travelling onwards, executing an unknown path and apparently completing a circle in a period of many hundreds of years. In addition to this onwardmovement of a few miles a year, there is lesser daily oscillation."  
(Pages 75-76,77.)

One Pole-Two Poles-Three Poles ... More?

The one thing that most researchers into the secrets being hidden from us don't realize is that many times the tip of the iceberg of hidden knowledge will surface, by accident or by design, in the press. A perfect example is the Roswell case. Something big happened in 1947.  What I'm not sure of yet but I'm still digging.  1947 was the year of Roswell, the Maury Island Affair and the Arnold sightings, Admiral Byrd's "Operation Highjump" in Antarctica was also in 1947. But many more things were going on, things that have remained hidden. There were also secret operations going on in the North Polar Regions during this important year. I found the following interesting tidbits in The New York Times on microfilm at the library:

The New York Times ... July 20th 1947
12 to Hunt Magnetic Pole for 2 Months in Arctic

Ottawa, July 19 ... Twelve men left Ottawa this morning by air to try tofind the North Magnetic Pole. They took many tons of equipment,including a new instrument that is expected to be helpful in takingmagnetic soundings and establishing the northern magnetic field.

The New York Times ... August 17th 1947
Polar Shift Confirmed:
Canadian Scientists Repot a Movement 200-Miles North

Ottawa, August 16, 1947 ... The North magnetic pole seems to have moved 200 miles north since the year 1904, according to the first findings off our scientists of the Canadian Deportment on Mines and Resources, whole left here by air July 19 in quest of the pole's present position.

The New York Times ... October 20th, 1947 (Front Page.)
All Arctic is Open to the Air Force: 2 New Poles Found
Tests Show 3 Magnetic Poles Instead of 1,
With Center on Prince Wales Island
By Anthony Leviero

Washington, Oct. 19, 1947 ...  the Air Force disclosed that it had discovered twonew magnetic poles, in addition to correcting the position of the one recognized by science the three poles constitute an elliptical* magnetic field it was said.   [*Webster?s Seventh defines Elliptical; deviation of anellipse or a spheroid from the form of a circle or a sphere. Ellipse isdefined as an oval].
Further on into the article:
The exact location in latitude and longitude of these important discoveries in terrestrial magnetism were withheld for security reasons, a spokesman said.

The New York Times ... Oct. 21, 1947

Magnetic Trinity

 This military study of the Polar Regions has unexpectedly supplied us with new information on terrestrial magnetism. Observers of the Royal Air Force found that the North Magnetic Pole lies 300 miles north-northwest of its charted position in the Bothia Peninsula. These findings have not only been confirmed by American Army pilots but have been supplemented with the information that there are three magnetic poles in the area 450 miles long by nearly 200 miles wide ... it took the fear of war to make the startling discovery that there are three magnetic poles. Will this hold good for the South Magnetic Pole? There is reason to think so.

We begin to understand why explorers have reported that the MagneticPole is elusive and that it shifts its position. But is it shifting? If the three magnetic poles remain fixed, if other poles are found, which is not improbable, we shall have to think of an ellipse-shaped magnetic region. No one has ever explained the reason for the apparent shifting of the magnetic pole.

The Poles Explained

These "mysteries" are easily understood when looking at using the concept of a hollow globe. The poles do not move daily, and there are not three separate poles.  As noted before the establishment scientists are trying to "fit" the circular magnetic field into their concept of a solid earth.

The actual explanation is simple. As different explorers start over the edge of the lip into the interior lands they thank they ?discovered that the pole has moved or that they have "found" a new magnetic pole.  In reality, they are taking readings from different areas of the circlet hat surrounds the hole-at-the-pole exactly where Gardner and Reed said the magnetic field is located.

Of course the question comes to mind; if an explorer were going over the lip into the interior instead of across the pole, wouldn?t he beable to see it?  The answer is no, of course not. The horizon is 12-17 miles away, and the descent into the polar opening is so gradual that the downward curvature of its edge is not perceptible. It's diameter is so great (1400 miles according to Gardner) that the other side is not visible, and so large, 12 miles (again Gardner?s figures) from start to finish, there would be little change in the horizon. The traveler would think he was traveling across a flat expanse.

The only noticeable difference was as they reached a point halfway around the curvature leading into the interior, the compasswould start to dip. And as the midpoint was passed, the compass needlewould turn back towards the center of magnetic attraction. Just asevery Boy Scout knows to be the case in the Polar Regions.

From Where the Bells Toll

In Moongate: Suppressed Findings of the U.S. Space Program (1982) by William L. Brian II we find evidence that not only is the earth hollow but that the moon is hollow also. Not only that but, as hollow spheres they both ring like bells.
Scientists believe that they have verified the existence of the Earth's iron core by measuring shock waves reflected off it and through it. However, they might also get a reflection off large caverns inside the Earth or off the inner surface if the Earth is a hollow shell. Similar experiments were conducted on the moon and shock wave measurements convinced scientists that they had found the moon's mantle. However, the evidence provided by Apollo seismic experiments also points to the conclusion that the moon is hollow and relatively rigid.  (Page 126).

Mr. Brian continues with this amazing information:
It is commonly known that the Earth displays the same bell-like ringing or reverberations as the moon. Since the Earth is 81.56 times more massivethan the moon, it takes a much larger explosion or shock wave to generate the effect. Joseph Goodavage referenced such occurrences in his book "Astrology: The Space Age Science". He mentioned that the ringing effect was recorder during the May 22,1960 Chilean earthquake. This was supposedly the most violent earthquake that had been recorded since the establishment of official world records in 1881. Goodavage provided a description of the effect which was given at the 1961 World Earthquake Conference, held at Helsinki, Finland. The description stated that the shock was so severe that the entire planet rang like a bell. The ringing continued for a considerable length of time in a regular series of slow impulses which were recorded at various independent seismic stations. Goodavage also noted that the planet rang again as a result of the Anchorage, Alaska earthquake of March 27, 1964. It seems hard to believe that scientists were so appalled in finding that the moon rang like a bell.  After all, the Earth displays the same characteristic. (Pages 126-127).

Another good source of information on the facts about our hollow moon is Don Wilson's Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon (1975).  On page 60 Mr. Wilson presents a translation of a portion of the communications between Houston Control and the Astronauts aboard theApollo 17 moon mission spacecraft on December 29th 1972 which contains proof that the ringing effect on the moon is well known by the people in the U.S. space program.

LUNAR MODULE PILOT (LMP):   "Was there any indication on theseismometers on the impact about the time I saw a light flash on the surface?" 
CAPCOM: "Stand by. We'll check on that Jack."
LMP: "A UFO perhaps, don't worry about it. I thought someone was looking at it. It could have been one of the other flashes of light."
 CAPCOM: "Jack, just got some words from the back room for you. There may have been an impact at the time you called, but the moon is still ringing from the impact of the S-IVB impact. So it would mask any other impact."

Chapter 4 of Mr. Wilson's well documented book presents "The Mysteries of the Moon World Itself." The lightness and low density of the moon is addressed as Mystery #7:

The moon has only 60 percent of the density of Earth. The improbable fact that an equal amount of earth material seemed to weigh almost twice as much as moon matter mystified everyone. Why, the difference?  The actual answer, some scientists felt, pointed to the possibility that part or all of the moon's interior was hollow!   (Page 71).

Mystery #8 presented evidence of a hollow moon
In 1962 Dr. Gordon McDonald, a leading scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, published a report in the July issue of Astronautics. In it he states that according to an analysis of the moon's motion, it appears that the moon is hollow: "If the astronomical data are reduced, it is found that the data require that the interior of the moon be less dense than the outerparts. Indeed, it would seen that the moon is more like a hollow than a homogeneous sphere."   (Page 73).

And on page 82:
A similar "crazy" idea was put forward in 1959 by Professor Iosif Shklovsky, an eminent scientist, in relation to the moons  circling around Mars. After carefully weighing up the evidence he concludes that they are hollow and are therefore artificial satellites.?

While some establishment scientists will quietly admit that some earthly bodies are hollow, they still refuse to accept the fact that evidence points towards the fact all planets and moons are naturally hollow, and must hurry to add they must be "artificial satellites."   For instance:

The moon seems to be a comparatively light world in contrast with the planet Earth. The fact that the moon is only about 60% as dense as ourplanet has led scientists to two theories: that the moon is without aniron core, and/or that it is partially hollow.
   Data and computations among them, Dr. Gordon McDonald's motion studies point to the conclusion that our moon is internally hollow to a great extent. Since most scientists claim there is no natural explanation for such a peculiar phenomenon ( satellite worlds are not naturally hollow), the inevitable conclusion indicates that the moon is artificially hollow .   (Page 89).

I call that jumping to conclusions.  As is plainly seen, once again,  this is another case of establishment scientists trying to "fit" new findings to old theories. Once again we find hard evidence pointing towards the real inevitable conclusion.  That the theories of Gardner and Reed are right ... all heavenly bodies are hollow.



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