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Brinsley Le Poer Trench: 1911 - 1995 the Open Minded Skeptic
a tribute by Dennis Crenshaw   From:THE HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER Vol. 3 # 3

Plato, Haley, Euler, Symmes, Reed, Gardner, Shaver, Palmer and Bernard; all names well known as proponents of what is commonly and collectively known as The Hollow Earth Theory.
Brinsley Le Poer Trench, although lesser know, was just as important. Long an outspoken opponent of government secrecy, Brinsley Le Poer Trench, eho is also England's Earl of Clancarty, used his position in the House of Lords, spent the last 30 years of his life trying to get the United Kingdom to release its files on UFOs and to awaken other people to the possible threat from dangerous Co-Planetarians who inhabit Earth's subterranean worlds. However, I believe his greatest contribution to the search for truth was his personal demonstration of open-mindedness. As an example for those who are closed-minded skeptics there is no equal.

In the introduction to The Sky People (1960) Brinsley Le Poer Trench wrote:
"Understanding is a gradual process. It cannot be forced, but far more people today all over the world than is generally realized, have got wider horizons and greater acceptance levels than hitherto. By greater acceptance levels I do not mean they are more gullible. Far from it. Although there are still scientists with dogmatic crystallized views among us, there are also many others with wider and more open ones. An acceptance level is the level at which concepts, views and data, can be allowed to flow into your mind without being rejected at the outset as being impossible. It does not necessarily mean you accept the facts or concepts, coming to you as total truth, but that you are prepared to give them house room in your mind." (Page 8)

In 1966 Trench left no doubt as to his feeling about the possibility of a hollow planet. He thought the whole idea was ridiculous. As he explained in his book The Flying Saucer Story (1966):
A theory that purports to have been advanced seriously by a few writers on the flying saucer subject is the claim that saucers may come from the interior of the earth! It's interesting how those not mentally equipped to deal with abstracts and are not on speaking terms with the unconscious or alternate brain lobes, always have a psychological need to invent something “real” that exists in an “interior”. The fact that we already know the conditions making up the interior of our earth makes no difference.
   Once again, in unison, if you please! The core is a molten generator, the seat of power, shifting magnetic fields extending nearly to the earth's surface?
[ Emphasis in the original] Sometimes it's all but impossible to stay alive on the surface, the earth beneath is so turbulent. Obviously then, a race of highly advanced technologists would be obliged to stabilized both topside and core before venturing downward to set up permanent housekeeping. So that's that! (Pages 119-120).

Sounds like the close-minded statement of almost any of the so-called "Ufologists" of today, doesn't it? Or what you would expect out of anyone else who accepts, without question, the teachings of our controlled educational system. However, the difference was that Trench's claim to open-mindedness wasn't just rhetoric.  With an open mind, he started to look into the possibility. Then he started to research. He presented his findings in his book Secrets of the Ages: UFOs from Inside Earth (1974). In the introduction he wrote:

Now it must be admitted that in one of my earlier books scorn was poured on the hollow earth theory then believed in by a minority of Ufologists. You see, I have been educated along with the millions of other people to believe that the earth had a liquid molten core. This is no longer accepted scientific thinking. Once this fact became known to me, I read and researched deeply into this fascinating subject, and came to the conclusion that the earth was really hollow.
It always takes courage to amend your views, especially when they have been expressed publicly in print. We should all be adaptable to new ideas, and if the evidence is there, not be afraid to bring it forward, even if it runs contrary to what had been previously written.
The contents of this book do not contradict anything in my previous ones, with the above exception. I still firmly consider that some UFOs come from other worlds in our physical universe and some from invisible ones, in another order of matter too. Some too, may come from bases under the sea?

Trench will not only as the man who tried to make Her Majesty's government admit the control and cover-up of their knowledge on UFOs and their knowledge of the existence of beings living in the interior of our planet, but also as a skeptic with an open mind. Other Ufologists, and just plain folks, should also open their minds and at least give the underground hypothesis a fair shake. As Trench requested in the closing remarks of his well researched, excellently documented Hollow Earth study:

Please ponder over whether our natural spaceship, the planet earth, is hollow and inhabited. I have given you proof that it is. If the answer to these questions in your mind is in the affirmative, then this must surely be "The Secret of the Ages," (Page 216).

On May 18, 1995, at age 83, Brinsley Le Poer Trench, the Earl of Clancarty, died. The open-minded skeptic who first wrote how ridiculous the idea of a hollow earth was, then after doing his research, admitted in print, that he was wrong is gone. It's up to us to fill the void. It won't be easy.



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