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  The real Admiral Byrd "Lost Diary."
 which was actually his notes from his real trip to the North Pole in 1926 was found among his papers in 1996.  The question:  did he actually reach the North Pole at all?  Of course Hollow Earth proponants say "nay" as they believe there is no so-called geographical "North Pole.". Finally research/writers Tim Swartz and our old friend Tim Beckley hace gotten past the impossable "1947 North Polar flight of Admiral Byrd" and have started looking into the probable secret mission to the South Pole in 1947 in their book, Admiral Byrd's Secret Journey Beyond The Poles.
UPDATE: Smoking gun video proof  at the end of the article!

Research Books

"Lost Horizon" movie clip compared to passages from the so-called "diary."
The proof is unmistakable. Plagiarized.