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Dr. Raymond Bernard: One Man's Search for Paradise

Compiled from Correspondence
Dr. Raymond W. Bernard & Guy C. Harwood
And Between Guy C. Harwood & Dennis Crenshaw

Oct. 20, 1954
Dear Guy;

Received your letter. I did not like your insistence that I am Jewish when I am not. My parents were followers of Tolstoy and I am no more Jewish than the Doukhobors are and belong to their race. As a matter of fact the people called Jews are a religious sect, not a race, as there are Chinese Jews, Negro Jews, Blonde Aryan German Jews (of which Hitler was one), and Jews of all races. Since neither my parents nor I ever accepted the Jewish religions, or the Christian religion, or any false man-made religion I refuse to be labeled. Just because a person is not a Christian and dis-believes in the lies and falsehoods of the Christian religion does not mean he is a Jew, for the Jewish religion is also a false religion.

There is a lady here who is an Oracle of the Great Mother whose temples were destroyed by the Jewish and Christian followers of the false Man-God, and she speaks and tells of events that happened 49,000 years ago, when she gave birth to only Virgin Mother Goddesses like herself. Finally the first male was born, a god named Lucifer, who was a fallen angel, and he gained dominion over the earth and called himself Jehovah who incited his followers to offer animal sacrifices and kill tribes that did not accept him. He later became the Christian Father and Mohammedan Allah. This evil being is Satan or the Devil and he is always battling against his Mother, the true Goddess, and he rules all the Western religions and is soon to plunge the world into war. The Great Mother says that war will start any time and will start in Formosa. I do not mean that it will start right away, but she said, “Watch Formosa.” When war starts there, it will mean the start of the final war that will wipe out all life on earth by 2002

You say that authorities are checking on Dr. Siegmeister and [you told them] he went to Mexico. PLEASE RUSH ME ALL DOPE ON THIS, as I am on U.S. soil now. When I left Brazil a friend had three prophetic dreams. He saw me returning to U.S. and I was met [by] a man with a dagger in his hand and I held some letters in mine, as he grabbed me. This means the postal authorities. The three dreams came in succession to my Syrian friend who said he often had prophetic dreams. Yet some force drew me back, but I landed here, being scared by the dreams to enter U.S. However this is U.S. territory too. Give me all the facts that lead you to say what you did about authorities checking on him. Before I went to Brazil two men came to Brandon in Ohio asking where Siegmeister was, and Danvers claims a postal inspector came. I have always tried to do good and act honestly yet these dogs on my trail. In fact I am thinking to return to Brazil where I can be free from this menace. PLEASE rush the facts.

You say a psychic held my letter and said I was full of fear. That is true, as I don't feel too easy here on U.S. soil, as this Island is full of _______. However after I get my colony and publishing business established, to bring me an income I will return to Brazil, Land of The New Age, where I will be safe. Here I am on pins and needles, especially being a partner on a publishing mail order business. Please reply at once in enclosed envelope.
Your friend,


Colonization and Eugenics.

Dr. Bernard, writing under his Siegmeister name begins:
Armageddon and its Aftermath

  Revolutions and these follow the close of the war by the rule of the bloody sword; things go from bad to worst; and general chaos, destruction and destitution are the only ends in view. Suffering reaches unprecedented limits until people start to awaken from the folly of it all, the emptiness of the civilization they gave their lives for; and gradually they start to develop a hatred and horror of it; they run away from it, they return to nature, to the life of primitive man; here theA glimpse into the future reveals the destruction of the present industrial phase of civilizations as the result of the war. Great changes occur; cities are demolished; the mass of humanity regresses to mechanized barbarism, slaves of new military
dictators. The menace of a military king of the earth becomes more or less reality. Democracy becomes a forgotten memory. The beast that has formerly covered itself beneath a false veneer of culture y find the peace, security, health and happiness which civilization never gave. Those who remain in civilization suffer and groan in a state of worse slavery than history has ever seen; and those who were wise enough to save themselves by returning to nature alone possess the potentialities of saving the race from complete degradation, and developing the beginning of a better race.

After giving us this warning, the good Doctor writes that there is hope:
The New Race

A new race is being born! A New Hope for humanity is dawning on a world darkened by the horrors of war and by the reversion of a large part of civilized humanity to a new form of mechanized barbarism. As an old race is rapidly degenerating and heading towards destruction, the beneficent hand of Nature comes to humanity's assistance by creating a new mutation of the human species in the form of pioneers of a new and better race. The same has occurred in past historical epochs, when older civilizations tottered, and their races degenerated while new pioneers arose to create a better future in their midst, to usher into existence a New Race, to arise from the American people, and a New Civilization, to have its home on the American continents.

Dr. Bernard next lists the leading tracts of these new pioneers.

First, they are humanitarians; they live to serve humanity, and not for the selfish quest for riches, fame or pleasure. Secondly, they possess a highly developed sense of conscience and intuition, which differentiates them from those who are merely intellectual. This leads them to consider all life as sacred, animal as well as human, and to regain the taking of life, for any reason, with horror. Hence they are vegetarians and are peace-lovers to the extent that they would rather give up their lives than take the life of another; nor can the act of murder, in their eyes, ever be justified, whether committed by men or by nations. The new race individual has more refined ideas of love, a higher concentration of women and a chaste and more wholesome attitude towards sex. Finally, the new race pioneer despises this industrial civilization which lives by war; its inhuman factories and ugly cities, and desires to live close to All-Mother Nature, in obedience to her laws, in peaceful and productive Garden Communities.

Founding of a New Race Colony

It is imperative that these forerunners of a better race be gathered together and established in colonies if they are to be saved from being swept away by the rising tide of destruction which is now engulfing civilization and its inhabitants. It is towards this goal that the writer is working. The pioneers of the New Race must first be organized into a society, and later brought to a new land where they may eventually fulfill their destiny of creating a superior humanity.

Civilization is indeed like a sinking ship; and unless [a selected few] are carried off on a life-boat, gradually developing a better race, there will be no hope for humanity. We need today a New Ark and a new Noah, to save the worthy ones from drowning with the rest, and from them to found a New Race. We realize that it is impossible to put all of present humanity into an Ark, for the majority, like those in Noah's day, will be deaf to such an appeal, for they live only in today and cannot look ahead to tomorrow. But there are certain individuals here and there who will listen and respond to such a call; they will be saved from destruction by migrating to a New Land where they will establish colonies which will be Cradles of a New Race. It is to such pioneers that this message is addressed.

Siegmeister's 23 page booklet then puts down his plans whereas selected persons can “regenerate” themselves following the strict and stringent directions of the Doctor as regards to diet, sexual abstention and meditation.

Under the heading “Admission to Our Colony” he writes:
Every person who joins our movement must consider themselves as potential creators of the New Race, and must either prepare themselves for eventual parenthood of New Race children, or resolve to devote their lives to help in some way the furtherance of the goal of bringing into the world super-children. This must be our religion, and we must be willing to sacrifice for its realization?

It is not that we are trying to save present humanity by bringing large numbers of people out of civilization and to establish colonies, but our work rather is to gather to our new eugenic religious idea of creating a new messiah to save humanity from degradation and reversion to barbarism, and in about 30 or 40 years the world shall have its new teacher.

As for where the colony was to be located the Scientist wrote:

The exact location of our colony will be kept secret. This is for many reasons. First we do not desire mere curiosity-seekers to infringe on our privacy. We do not desire persons who may misunderstand our teachings, or who have no serious intention to apply them, to come and be troublemakers. We admit that there are many good people who do not desire to make the required sacrifices needed to achieve the goal towards which we are working (yet which are really not sacrifices, since after one has tried the new regenerative way of living, one will never want to return to the old way). The Doctor had a plan.. . .

In Part 3 of this series included in THE HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER Vol. 2 # 3.Dr Bernard takes the next step towards his goal of creating a "New Race"  Dr. Bernard  selects a young man and young woman, his "Adam & Eve," and places them in seperate places in the jungle of Ecuador to see how they can adapt withour the temptations of civilization.     In Part 4   of the  series Dr. Bernard continues to explain how his new system will work and his plans to use his "Adam and Eve" to start the "New Race." -  THE HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER Vol.2. #4,   In the conclusion  of the series Dr, Bernard begans searching  the jungles of Brazil for the right location for his "New Paradise" including exact reprints of letters from him to his personal secretary and friend discribing how one of his trackers found a stone stairwell  leading underground and of his ultimate meeting with Co-Planetarians in flyig saucers from inside earth; all featured in  THE HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER Vol. 2 #5
Dr. Siegmeister was the holder of three degrees from Columbia and New York Universities, and known for his research in eugenics, biochemistry and endocrinology. Source: The American Weekly, May 9, 1943.


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