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Modern Hollow Earth/Subterranean Worlds Research Books

Reissue of Secret of the Ages by Brinsley Le Pour Trench w/ forward by Dennis Crenshaw 

A must have Guide to  Everything Inner Relms - the most important book in my library
Best Scientific Study
David Hatcher Childress (Need I say more?)
Information avalable nowhere else
Beautifuly Illustrated

A close look at Agharti and the mystery of Vril Power

Well thought out and presented scientific theory
Most Detailed Study of the history of the subject
Tim Beckley KNOWS his underworld
Compeling evidence presented in a logical way
Compilation of the best of the best Hollow Earth Newsletters of the 70s-80s
More information that would have been lost except for Tim Beckley
The only full length account of the man who believed we live INSIDE the earth
One of the few good books on the Nazi Connection
Finally someone got beyond the phoney 1947 North Pole Trip and looks at what Byrd was really doing in '47.
Channeling from the Inner Earth for those who are into astro projection.
A study of some proponents of a H.E, that do not get much attention along with some that are well known .

NOT A H.E. BOOK -  scientists try to "explain" the findings of a landscape that mirrors the outside surface at the mantle boundery.

Haven't read yet - but looks interesting
CLassic Hollow Earth/ Subterrean Worlds Books  

1800s. There is  a Monument to  John Symmes &  his Hollow Earth Theory in Ohio.

1880  John Cleves Symmes story of a trip tp the interior and back by using both polar entrances.

1860s - 1906 The only in-depth study of Teed and his writings.

1860s  Teed's writings incluiding his "proof" that we live INSIDE the earth.

NOTE:  If you are only looking for first-hand information and don't need the book ALWAYS check our FREE e-book shelf first. We will be adding related free e-books as we locate them so check back often If you know of any e-books, recordings etc. let us know.
      Remember. Read, Do Your Own Research, Evaluate  ... THEN DECIDE.

1906 Reed's book concentrates on the early polar explorers diaries and papers as a basis for most of his theory with a dab of scientific information thrown in.

1913-1929 - Gardner concentrates on the sciences with a dab of polar exploration thrown in. .

1969 - The Best know HET book. Is listed in the Dewey System as # 551.11 - Earth Science,  Geology, Make-up of the Earth.

1975 -Ray Palmer wrote this book some 30 years after he begin  looking   into the mysteries of the UnderWorld.

1969 The book that brought the HET to my attention.  My brother said: "Here, this is where UFOS come from." I laughed at him.  & was still lauging after I read it   Wasn't laughing After my research led in a circle and made me pick it up again 10 years later.

Harold K Wilkinson is the master of armchair adventure. South American lost cities, underground tunnels

More lost cities, and underground tunnels from Harold K. Wilkinson.

1937 True account of a respected German traveler's adventures including a visit to an underground city..

Fiction underground

Delightful. Coming-of-age story with a Richard Shaver-Underground twist. Highly recomended.

A Journey to the Center of the Earth modernized and on steroids. Simply the best "into the inner relams" novel so far this century .
The second part to the book above.  So, the world inside has been discovered. Now what? Here come humans & dirty politics, land grabs, robber barons, battles.  The inner relms looked at from a different perspective.  Hang on as the author tkes you deeper!
The Coming Race. The book that "Guided" the Occult plans of NAZI Gernamy

A new twist on exploring in our favorate location. Great Fun.

The original voyage thru the hole-at-the Pole Novel.   Many believe it is a true account. A classic!

The inner earth adventue that I need say nothing about except that it has been  been the Number 1 novel on the subject for over 100 years worldwide..

1970. Another great book from the period of much interest in the subject.

1976.  More information on the subject from a master researcher/writer.  

A 1930 novel where an underground world is discovered using a time-machine. it's a must read for anyone (like myself) who loves the great pulp novels of the 30s. This one excellently done by one of the best sci-fi writers of the time.

True Adventure Underground

Adventure in Edger Rice Burrough's Pullucidar

Start you visit to the lands inside the earth with this double-volume containing the first two books in the series, both "At the Earth's Core" and "Pullucidor".  Kindle. Only a buck!!!

Pullucider in trouble! Who you gonna'  call? Tarzan's adventures inside the earh.  good stuff ..